Easy and efficient glide path management with R-PILOT

The first motor driven glide path instrument in reciprocating motion by VDW

  • Glide path management can be a crucial  step in root canal preparation
  • With R-PILOT™, there finally is a safe and easy-to-use solution for cases where a glide path is needed
  • R-PILOT is designed to be used in reciprocating motion with a designated drive system with original VDW RECIPROC® settings



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Easy and efficient glide path management with R-PILOT


  • Less risk of instrument fractures*
  • Reduction of the cycle fatigue*
  • Single patient use instrument


  • One file glide path management
  • Better respect of the canal anatomy**


  • Sterile instruments and less files needed compared to manual files
  • No need to change motor settings if you are already working with reciprocating motion

*compared to rotary multiple use instruments
**versus VDW SST files

Product overview



Additional information

Designed for reciprocation – optimized for ease of use

  • One size ISO 12,5
  • Length: 21 mm, 25 mm, 31 mm
  • Material: M-wire
  • Constant taper: 4 %
  • Single use
  • Cutting efficiency with S-shape cross section
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