RECIPROC® instruments have been specifically designed for use in reciprocation. RECIPROC instruments have a non-cutting tip.

RECIPROC is produced with M-Wire® nickeltitanium. Increased cyclic fatigue resistance is achieved through the use of this alloy produced in an innovative thermal-treatment process. M-Wire has both greater resistance to cyclic fatigue and greater flexibility than traditional nickel-titanium.

  • sterile
  • Three different sizes for narrow, medium and wide canals


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Frequency of Use

A RECIPROC instrument is designed for single use in maximum one molar. As with all nickel-titanium instruments, it should be examined during the treatment and discarded if signs of wear, such as untwisting, can be seen. If an instrument appears to be bent after being used in a strongly curved canal, it should be discarded.

Single-Use Convenience

The RECIPROC system is designed for convenience and safety. The instruments are delivered ready to use, pre-sterilised in blister packaging and should be simply discarded after use, making work flow more efficient; eliminating the need to clean and sterilise instruments, considerably reducing the risk of contamination to office personnel and eliminating the risk of cross contamination to patients.

One RECIPROC instrument does the job of several instruments which would need to be used for preparation with regular hand or continuous rotary instruments. The RECIPROC instrument cannot be autoclaved due to its non-autoclavable handle. This safety feature protects against metal fatigue caused by over-use.

Product overview

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Selecting the Correct RECIPROC Instrument

In most cases, the R25 will be suitable in size for the root canal treatment. Consult the pre-operative radiograph to see if the canal is likely to be considered as narrow, medium or wide:

  1. If the canal is partially or completely invisible on the radiograph: The canal is considered narrow; use an R25.
  2. If the canal is completely visible on the radiograph: Take an ISO size 30 hand instrument; insert it passively into the canal. If it reaches working length, the canal is considered large; use the R50.
  3. If an ISO size 30 hand instrument does not go passively to working length, try an ISO size 20 hand instrument. If this goes passively to working length, the canal is considered medium; use the R40.
  4. If an ISO size 20 hand instrument does not go passively to working length, use the R25.

Root canals prepared with RECIPROC instruments have a shape suitable for all obturation techniques.

Expert opinions

Dr. Ruckenstuhl, Graz, Austria [Kopie]

„As far as I’m concerned, it’s the quickest and most accurate way of preparing and filling root canals. The concept is simple and logical. Difficult cases are easier and safer to treat than previously. Working with RECIPROC® is reassuring!“

ZMF Linda Marx, Dr. Schwarzmann & Kollegen, Marl, Germany [Kopie]

“The instruments are much easier for me to handle: they are sterile when delivered and are only used once. That means they do not have to be cleaned, sorted into boxes and sterilised, and there is no need to keep a record of how often an instrument has already been used. Endo without RECIPROC® – fortunately that’s a thing of the past!”

Dr. Izzettin Oezkaynak, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland [Kopie]

„RECIPROC® and the VDW.GOLD®RECIPROC® motor are by far the best system and I wouldn’t choose any other. It’s easy and quick to use, and the automatic stop at the apex is safety at its best. RECIPROC® is well worth the money!“



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