The GUTTAFUSION® for RECIPROC® obturators have been developed for an easy, warm and homogeneous 3D-obturation of the whole root canal system. Made entirely of gutta-percha the obturators can be heated in the GUTTAFUSION oven and can be placed precisely into the root canal either by hand or with tweezers, thanks to the specially designed handle.

The obturators correspond to the RECIPROC preparation system and are available in the sizes R25, R40 and R50.


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Dentists about GUTTAFUSION*
Reliable: The special handle design for tweezers allows precise placement of the obturator in the root canal. Stripping off gutta-percha can be avoided, especially in molars.

Efficient: 100% of dentists asked confirmed that obturation with GUTTAFUSION
is more time-saving than lateral condensation.

Convenient: More than 90% of dentists asked confirmed that obturation with GUTTAFUSION is more convenient than lateral condensation.

*Source: Internal data, VDW Munich, 2012

Product overview

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The Innovation
The obturator consists entirely of gutta-percha.

On the inside, crosslinked polymer chains give stability to the carrier. On the outside, the carrier is coated with flowable gutta-percha.

The carrier helps to condense the heated, flowable gutta-percha in the whole root canal system.

The beneficial characteristics of gutta-percha are maintained.


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